Wooden Chuches of Maramures, Fortified Churches of Transylvania

  • Itinerariu Sibiu - Cluj-Napoca - Sighișoara - Bucharest
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This 7-days private guided tour explores the legacy of the Saxon settlers in Medieval Transylvania - their network of fortified churches and citadels - and the traditions and popular culture of the Romanian peasants of Maramures, artisans of the wonderful wooden churches.

We visit the wooden churches (UNESCO monuments) of Surdesti, Desesti and Barsana, the Merry Cemetery of Sapânta, the fortified churches of Biertan, Saschiz, Viscri and Prejmer (UNESCO sites), the Alba Iulia fortress, Corvin (Hunyadi), Bran and Peles castles and the citadels of Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov. We spend two overnights with a rural traditional hostel in the village od Breb (Maramures).

Gelu Trandafir, tour guideThe price is 700 EURO per person in a 6 persons group, 850 EURO per person in a 4 persons group, 1200 EURO per person in a 2 persons group.

We propose you the following itinerary. Nevertheless, we are happy to adapt it according to your interests. Your tour guide, Gelu Trandafir (+40-723.303.310, contact@tripdor.ro), is ready to receive your calls and emails and addapt the offer.

Oferta include

- 7 overnights in Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, village of Breb (2), Sighisoara, Brasov and Bucharest in 3* hotels or pensions, breakfast included
- English and French speaking tour guide with strong experience and excelent knowledge of Transylvania's culture and history 
- private car and driver, all travel costs are covered
- all entrance fees

Oferta NU include

- lunch and dinner not included
- photo fees


On our way from Bucharest to Sibiu, we stop at Cozia Monastery founded in 14th century on the bank of Olt river.

We arrive to Sibiu and spend the afternoon and evening visiting Sibiu's famous  touristic attractions (Liars' Bridge, the Huet, Large and Small squares, the Evangelical Church, the Orthodox Cathedral, the City Council Tower, the fortications) and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of this quiet medieval city.
After leaving Sibiu we enjoy the lunch time in Alba Iulia, in Alba Carolina fortress. The fortress was built by the Austrians (the Habsburg Empire) in early 18th century, upon the former Medieval citadel and the ancient Roman castrum of the elite Legio XIII Gemina (2nd century). We visit the Orthodox Coronation Cathedral (1923), the old Catholic Cathedral (built 1000 years ago, in the 11-th century) and the ruins of the Roman castum.
We arrive in the afternoon in Cluj-Napoca, one of the most ancient and vibrant cities in Eastern Europe.
Day third of our tour.  We enter in the magical world of traditional Maramures, the remote region in the north of Romania. We visit the Surdesti wooden church (total heigth - 72 meters) to discover the skills the 18th century Romanian peasants in wood manufacturing.

We are going to spend two overnights at a traditional cottage in Breb village. 
We visit another two UNESCO World heritage sites of Maramures: the wooden churches of Desesti and Bârsana. We discover the famous Merry Cemetery, with its over 800 naive paintings and ironic epigraphs carved on the crosses. On our return to Breb village, we pay a short visit to the Memorial to the Victims of Communist Dictatorship set up in Sighet communist prison.
After two days in magical Maramures, we have a longer road towards the Saxon Transylvania. Our efforts are rewarded by visiting the Biertan fortified church, former seat of the Transylvanian Evangelical bishopry, a church with strong fortifications. Sighisoara citadel - another World Heritage site -  is close to Biertan and, after the check-in, we take our time to visit this fairy-like citadel.
Today we discover in-depth the Saxon villages's history and culture, visiting two UNESCO monuments - the fortified churches of Saschiz and Viscri - and taking our lunch in the remote Viscri village. Late afternoon we'll arrive in Brasov, an old medieval Saxon fortress which is today a vibrant Romanian city. The impressive Gothic Black Church is the main attraction. Touring the remaining walls, towers and gates of the medieval fortress, strolling the Rope Street - the narrowest in Romania - and having dinner at one of the restaurants arround the City Council Square will delight our evening in Brasov. 
We end our 7-days private tour in Maramures and Transylvania with a castle break. We visit the Bran Castle (discovering the truth behind the Dracula legend) and Peles Castle from Sinaia - founded by the great Romanian king - Charles I, of German ancestry.
We arrive in Bucharest in the evening. After the check-in we pass by the Stavropoleos Monastery - a church-art jewellry in the heart of the city - and share the impressions of our Maramures&Transylvania private tour at a famous traditional pub in the Old CIty of Bucharest.